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Friendly reminder that "cul-de-sac" which in English generally denotes a dead end drive in a tony neighborhood, literally translates from French as "the ass of the bag"

The first two sentences are all you need to know about Silicon Valley’s priorities

boost if you think boost if toots are valid

Feeling like garbage all of christmas eve and into Christmas morning. Yay.

@offtheball @saffron For sure! A slow moving eclipse could be devastating, while a celestial body hanging over the horizon could be forgotton, or mused about, and have great stories or ideas made up about it.

@offtheball @saffron I love the idea of a moon being SLIGHTLY faster or slower than the day/night cycle, and so there are seasons/time periods dependent upon the slow (from planet dwellers perspective) movement of this celestial body.

@saffron Story ideas are great though! Silly is good all on it's own, it also often leads to really cool, interesting new ideas you wouldn't have found otherwise trying to feel serious all the time! You can do the thing!

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unironically loving things is healthier be a fucking free spirit go listen to a dumb song that you like show a titty idk be free

How does one toot your life? Is it sharing passing thoughts as they occur to you, or is it something else? Is there not a guide for this shit? 0/10 customer experience. Plz provide written instructions next time.

I am so much more into supporting and encouraging folks than discouraging and criticizing them.

bored at work, here's an old selfie of mine from a couple of years ago that I really like

1 boost = 1 internet validation

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