It's real confident of you to complain to your boss and boss's boss that people are making it hard that you can't get a date at work.

@abeardedqueer Hey maybe stop looking for dates specifically at work. Like I get that romances can crop up at work, but this sounds a lot more deliberate.

@offtheball I'm not looking for dates anywhere, this is about somebody who works on the other side of the country.

@offtheball sorry, my brain skipped a word, I think. Yeah, that's basically what the boss and boss's boss told him

Sorry! I wasn't mad, that was addressed at that person, and I don't think that was clearly established. You're still good.

@offtheball Yeah, sorry, fog brain today. I've had a nap now. His boss's boss was like, "How is this related to doing your job and why are we supposed to clean this up for you?"

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