unironically loving things is healthier be a fucking free spirit go listen to a dumb song that you like show a titty idk be free

How does one toot your life? Is it sharing passing thoughts as they occur to you, or is it something else? Is there not a guide for this shit? 0/10 customer experience. Plz provide written instructions next time.

I am so much more into supporting and encouraging folks than discouraging and criticizing them.

bored at work, here's an old selfie of mine from a couple of years ago that I really like

1 boost = 1 internet validation

I still haven't figured out how I'm gonna use mastodon, but I like where I'm going so far.

Gotta update, make changes and add to stuff on my instance as best I can.

if you're sinking a millionaire's yacht, make sure the millionaire is on it first

This is just your reminder that trans women are women!

I MADE................ LGBT MASTODON ICONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TO USE!!!!!!!!!!
(i might make some more later on!!)

“Queer” is a slur because cishet society hates us. Like yeah it’s not considered a polite word because what I am is not considered appropriate for polite society.

Fuck em tho, I’m still queer.

hi new mastodon users, welcome to Vivian's Tips For Using Mastodon For People Who Know Nothing About It:

for a standard social media experience, do the following things:
- in settings (gear button) set your post privacy to "unlisted" by default
- don't check local/global timelines unless you really want to

that's it. IMO the public timelines are confusing for new users and will just get in the way. Oh, but also, use content warning (cw button) whenever appropriate.

@offtheball sorry for the fav spam, I don't get on here much and went down a rabbit hole

It's real confident of you to complain to your boss and boss's boss that people are making it hard that you can't get a date at work.

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@floofsquatch I'm pretty sure I'm pretty identifiable. If you need clarification, let me know.

the struggle of caring a lot about humanity but disliking people

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